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Website Translation ScriptTranslate Websites Easily with easy to run and low cost Website Translator

Translate web pages easily and get more traffic, more sales and an international audience for your products and services

Easy Install, Automatic and Editable Web Page Translator Script

The world has never been smaller

If you have a business on the internet, anyone in the world can find you.
But can you speak back to them?

Opening up your website to the world with instant web page translations has so many benefits:


Web Page Translation ScriptReach the world easily ...

But what about installing and running this script?

This translation script has been designed to be as easy as possible to install and add to your site - it's NOT rocket science.

The script can run instantly and call translations "on the fly", or run from a database. That means that once a page is translated for the first time it is stored in a database, so the next time that web page is accessed it's there, ready. Your web hosting panel should have a section on creating a database, which though it sounds complicated will take minutes.

With your database created, you add some details to one file, upload everything, and then simply add some code to each of the web pages you want translated.

If you haven't already, you can see the script working right now by clicking one of the flags at the top of the page (the script doesn't actually come with the flags, but I'll send them to you once I get confirmation that you bought the script).

While you can chose to translate up to 81 languages, the flags or text links would take so much space that on this site, I'm using a smaller number of the most popular languages - but the choice is completely yours.

Just imagine how much difference just the extra pages will make to your site in the search engine results, let alone the extra earning opportunities from these new foreign language marketplaces.

The script cleverly identifies and translates sentences and phrases in your page's source code. All the text content of your web pages are translated, including links and image titles. No alteration is made to your website design, the script only translates the text and not the code. You can even choose to have certain parts of your site not translated if you need to.

Now as fantastic as the script is, as I've mentioned, it relies on the Google translation service API. The translations aren't going to be as good as if you'd paid a translator $XXXX to go through your site word by word. But, as all the translations are "cached" (saved in a database), that means you can edit them.


Translation script features:


Currently this script supports translation in to 87 languages:

This translation software uses Google Translate® to provide the language translations to over 87 languages and counting! All widely used languages will be easily accessible for translation under your fingertip. Here are just a few of the most used languages:

  Albanian Arabic Bulgarian Catalan CN Chinese Croatian
  Czech Danish Dutch English Estonian Filipino
  Finnish French Galician German Greek Hebrew
  Hindi Hungarian Indonesian Italian Japanese Korean
  Latvian Lithuanian Maltese Norwegian Polish Portuguese
  Romanian Russian Serbian Slovak Slovenian Spanish
  Swedish Thai Turkish Ukrainian Vietnamese and more!

Translate Website Script

More than just translations

More visitors, more pages indexed by the search engines, a stronger search engine presence, more profits / subscribers / site interaction.

One of the key benefits of a web page translator is that your sites get indexed in all of the supported languages.

This means that not only do they end up in the search engines, but also in the country specific search engine as well. That kind of presence automatically pulls in more and more traffic!



This PHP website translator allows easy class integration with your existing website. The simple integration process is shown below:

A full installation guide comes with the script, and of course advice and information from Support.


This translation script comes with one year of free updates. Any new updates within 12 months of purchase, and you get them automatically.

Technical Support

Technical Support is available during weekday working hours (though many times out of hours also). Technical support is provided on a first-come, first-basis at no charge to the customer. The contact information for support is included in the help files within the product itself. (Note: I am a reseller for this script. I am using it on this and other websites and the comments you're reading n this site are from first hand experience).

Site Translator System Requirements


Boost Your Website's Presence and Profits Today
PHP Translator Script

Was prices at $65 - Currently on special offer at $35,
including one year of free updates.

PHP Translation Script


$35 is such an incredibly small price to pay for the vast potential of reaching much of the world's marketplaces. Not to mention the boost that your site will get from the search engines from all those extra cached pages.